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Career Assessment & Education Preparation Program {CAEPP}


Registration Fee: $35.00


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Program Objective. The objective of CAEPP is to provide an avenue for young men with a desire to improve their quality of life through opportunity of a better education and training in order to gain better employment. The need for shelter is a direct result of a need for better education and training. Young men that are given a chance to improve through education and training, can provide a better life for their families because through a better education and training, they can gain better employment to be able to afford housing for themselves and their families. It has been proven that a lack of financial stability is the root of most broken families. Better employment and training will decrease broken families and increase the chances of men being able to financial provide for their wives and children. Unemployment rates will decrease, crime rates will decrease, and the number of unpaid child support payment will decrease.

Program Diagram. CAEPP provides young men 1) An opportunity to gain a General Education Development (GED) through six weeks of in depth preparation, 2) A Job Assessment & Readiness Workshop to instruct young men how to prepare a resume, complete an application, dress for success, the interview process, and telephone eloquence, 3) Provide basic computer skills, 4) A Financial Education Program which provides education on building knowledge, security, and confidence of gaining the ability of saving, check writing, investing, and budgeting, 5) Giving back through community service, and 6) Gaining high self esteem in order to become proud men, husbands, and fathers. Hopefully, the young men that attend CAEPP will encourage their children to finish high school and perhaps encourage them and others to further their education beyond high school.